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Design Principle

The Scheme is developed based on 3I Principles - Integrity, International, and Intelligent.


Technical assessment framework to avoid greenwashing


Incorporate international standards, e.g. ICMA, TCFD and ISO, etc.


Adoption of Fintech, e.g. big data analysis, automation and digitalisation, etc.

Management Structure

The management structure of the Scheme is illustrated in the infographic below:


Project Categories

  • Renewable Energy step
  • Energy Efficiency step
  • Pollution Prevention & Control step
  • Natural Resources & Land Use step
  • Biodiversity Conservation step
  • Clean Transportation step
  • Water Management step
  • Climate Change Adaptation step
  • Circular Economy step
  • Green Buildings step

Application Fee

  • Early Bird First 20 companies   $16,000 $76,000 Pre-lending assessment & certification Post-lending verification (1 time)
  • Discount Fee   $48,000 $76,000 Pre-lending assessment & certification Post-lending verification (1 time)
  • Discount Fee   $16,000 44,000 Pre-lending assessment & certification
  • The fee will be reviewed in a regular basis subject to CIC subsidies, market trend and manpower cost.
  • Each company can apply for the early bird package once for each financial product stated in the scheme, applicant is entitied for four quotas of early bird discount at most.
  • Only one-time post-lending verification will be included, which will verify no more than five project categories and provide a limited level of assurance on the reliability of the submissions.