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Construction of Public Housing Development at Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan

Ms. TSOI Ching-man - Shui On Building Construction Limited  
SCA 2020 Young Practitioner - Excellent Award


This project comprises one 36-storey non-standard domestic block and includes basement car park, retail shops and neighbourhood elderly centre.

Major sustainable construction achievements include:

  1. Reduction of 65% (360GJ) energy consumption by using electricity grid for tower crane half year earlier, instead of using B5 diesel.
  2. 960 kWh of electricity is produced annually from solar panels, which provide electricity to the lighting system of site office.
  3. 70 gypsum boards and 40 waste metals were recycled and reused for worker rest area.
  4. 200 safety helmets, 10,000 aluminum cans and plastic bottles were recycled and some were used for hoarding greening and hydroponics.
“Waste-to-Resource” Worker Resting Area Ms. Tsoi sorted, transported, installed and decorated many waste gypsum boards recycled from other projects. The waste materials were reused for building the worker resting area.
Clean Recycling and Rewarding Scheme In order to raise awareness of clean recycling and reduction at source, Ms. Tsoi implemented a Clean Recycling and Rewarding Scheme which was divided into subcontractors category and individuals category. It aimed to encourage the whole team including management level, frontline staff, subcontractors and workers to recycle.
Safety Helmet Recycling Campaign Ms. Tsoi launched the Safety Helmet Recycling Campaign. The expired or waste safety helmets were reused for site greening, which could beautify the outlook of site hoarding and plant the mosquito repellent plants.