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Infrastructures for Supply of Reclaimed Water

SIU Ho-kit - Water Supplies Department
SCA 2020 Young Practitioner - Outstanding Award


Water Supplies Department (WSD) is now implementing a scheme to supply reclaimed water produced to replace fresh water for toilet flushing in Sheung Shui, Fanling and adjoining new development areas, which will serve a population of over 500 000, saving about 22 million m3 of fresh water annually. During implementation of the Scheme, WSD adopted advanced technologies such as BIM, Point Cloud, Drone, VR and AR in improving construction efficiency and minimize abortive works in the future.

Collecting discharge water from air conditioners and rainwater at site office for wheel washing and spraying, to save over 6,000 litres of potable water every month.
Adopting the trenchless method for laying the proposed water main underneath the Man Kam To Egretry, to minimise any potential impact on the egrets’ habitat.
Downloading an as-built BIM model of the water mains from the i-cloud and integrate with Augmented Reality, which allows the project team to locate the water mains without road excavation.