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Medical Complex Extension at No. 21 Sassoon Road for The University of Hong Kong

WONG Chun-kit - Gammon Construction Limited
SCA 2020 Young Practitioner - Outstanding Award


The project comprised alterations and additions works carried out during live use of existing campus. Various sustainable construction methods were adopted to minimise the impact on existing users and promote the reuse of resources. Apart from site mitigation measures, Mr. Wong also promotes the use of new technology in frontline operations such as Gambot, a concrete sensor and concrete management system, which reduces the use of papers and increases efficiency and quality of works.

Caring for neighbourhood To minimise the impact on campus users, Mr. Wong installed acoustic panels and insulation outside the library to maintain a quiet learning environment. Apart from pre-work briefing on safety and environmental control, Mr. Wong also formed a cleaning team to maintain the campus environment in a good condition.
Material reuse and recycling Mr. Wong reused the unwanted campus furniture in the workers’ rest area. The carpet removed from the altered area was also reused for disinfection in the site office entrance. Besides, Mr. Wong transplanted the vegetation from the demolition area and recycled old water-barrier as planting facilities for site greening.
Application of advanced technology Mr. Wong applied smart home apps in the site office to remotely control the lighting and air conditioners to minimise energy consumption. Mr. Wong also made use of the online concrete management system to predict the required time for concreting, in order to fulfil the environmental requirement.