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MiC Site Office for DSD Shek Wu Hui Effluent Polishing Plant

LAW Pok-kei - AluHouse Company Limited
SCA 2020 Construction Manager - Outstanding Award


The Shek Wu Hui MiC office is a three-storey building consisting of 45 aluminum MiC units, covering
an area of 1,620 m2. The project was almost entirely built using Modular Integrated Construction.
Modules were fully decked out with everything from frame work and E&M through to interior
fittings then delivered and installed at the site in Shek Wu Hui. These flexible modules can also be
demounted and reinstalled according to project requirements, which is very sustainable.

All components of the modular house including framework, E&M, and interior fittings are completely prefabricated at the AluHouse MiC factory in Zhaoqing. The production cycle for each MiC unit is 10 days.
During installation the module is lifted into place and interlocked with the other modules by bolts and nuts to create a block. Staircases and corridors are built as MEP installation begins.
The AluHouse MiC system is a sustainable module, reducing the amount of construction waste onsite, and aluminum can also be recycled.