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Kai Tak Development – Stage 3B Infrastructure at the Former North Apron Area

Build King – Richwell Engineering Joint Venture
SCA 2020 Contractor in New Works - Merit Award


Build King – Richwell Engineering Joint Venture was engaged by Civil Engineering and Development Department under the Contract No. KL/2015/03 to construct infrastructure at former north apron of Kai Tak Development Area. The major work includes the construction of an elevated walkway LW4 across Prince Edward Road East, a dual two lane Road L2 and a 180m long pedestrian subway SW4 which connects the Kai Tak Development Area and Choi Hung Estate using trenchless method. Hong Kong’s first Rectangular Tunnel Boring Machine (RTBM) had been introduced to enhance work safety, enabling a more effective management and control of tunnel risks. Prefabricated tunnel segments at off-site precast yard also enhance the quality of work and provide a safer work environment for the workers. In addition, another highlight of this project is transplanting a Chinese Banyan tree, which weighs at 200 tons and stands at 10 meters.

The project introduces Hong Kong’s first Rectangular Tunnel Boring Machine (RTBM) for construction of pedestrian subway SW4. By deploying this new technology, it aligns well with Development Bureau’s Construction 2.0 Initiatives and has since been broadly recognised by construction industry. The use of RTBM does not only provide a safe work environment for workers, but also minimises the potential impact to the surrounding ground and facilities, and the disturbance caused to local stakeholders.
The use of 92 precast rectangular tunnel segments as permanent lining is an innovative approach for tunnel construction. The precast tunnel serves as a protective barrier against the overburden loads and complex geotechnical conditions. As such, it also provides a safe work environment for the workers during tunnel construction. In addition, the precast yards situates at only 800m away from the launching shaft, it reduces transportation distance of precast tunnel segment, and thus reducing carbon emission.
Transplanting an existing Chinese Banyan, 200 tons and over 10m high, away from the existing location is another important task in the project. Since the early stage of this project,we had invited an Independent Tree Specialist, Professor JIM Chi-yung to give his valuable advice in optimising the transplant proposal, we also consulted with District Council members and green groups on the transplanting arrangement. After being transplanted, the tree remains lively and healthy.