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C18W07 Office Tower Development at Hong Kong International Airport

Dragages Hong Kong Limited
SCA 2020 Contractor in New Works - Merit Award


This project - Contract No. C18W07 Office Tower Development at Hong Kong International Airport consists of design and construction of a 7-story office tower with approximately 23,000 square meters floor area. It will provide users with a highly collaborative, open and spacious work environment with smart office equipment and breakout areas to promote efficiency, communication and well-being.

This project adopted the Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to integrate various engineering design and construction drawings. BIM provides more accurate information to improve construction efficiency, and it identifies and corrects design and construction errors early to prevent delays, material waste and extra costs.
A Real-time Environmental Monitoring System was introduced in this project. Various real time environmental parameters such as PM10, PM 2.5, noise level, Beaufort scale, wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity can be monitored by the sensors on site. This minimises the impact on the neighborhood through immediate corrective action and tightening controls during the construction phase.
Our project supports construction innovation and technology with Digitisation for Document Management System (Aconex), Contract Management (CEMAR) System, Safety Management System (Time Expert), QR Code implementation, Electronic Notification Quality Assurance Activity (NQAA) and energy monitoring device Smart Impulse.